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It has been about a year since you decided to take the and hired an online payroll services company to handle your nuts and bolts payroll needs. The reason you hired this company is because you were finding yourself taking to much time on the payroll aspect of you business and as a result the other parts of your business were suffering. What many small business owners lose sight of however are the other payroll solution type options that these payroll services companies can offer you. Since you are already using them to provide basic services for you, why not hire them to do other financial and more advanced payroll related tasks in addition? By doing this you will be able to save even more time and similar to the first go around you will be amazed at the amount of time and money you will save by doing this.You may find more information at payroll service australia.

As of now you are probably e-mailed or your payroll related information is available to you via your company’s secured online page through your payroll services company. Once you get this information though depending on the level of services you are paying for it may now be up to you or another employee of yours to manually put those payroll numbers into your businesses general accounting ledger. This is probably a duty you pass on to a minion of yours because of how boring it is, but couldn’t that employee be better off doing something a little more useful than mindless data entry work? Odds are the answer to that question is yes and if it is you can add another aspect of payroll solution to your account and have those entries put in automatically by integrating an accounting software application on your company page through the payroll company. Almost all of them offer this and it is most likely an option you declined and first in order to save money. Upgrading to this can all but eliminate human error related problems that come along with double entry and just plain old mistakes.

One of the last things we want hanging over our heads as an owner of an up and coming business is any kind of legal issue. Most times when this does happen it is not that they break the law intentionally, but rather that they are not up on the latest tax federal or state tax laws they are governed by. Because of this, another payroll solution that can be especially helpful is to work closely with your payroll services company’s compliance department. Yes, this will likely increase your fee each month, but can pale in comparison to the amount in fines you will most likely pay for breaking any kind of amendment in a labor law that you may know nothing about.

These are just two of the advanced features that most payroll services companies offer. Check with the rep from your provider and see what they are offering in the way of a unique payroll solution and we think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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